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Hearts of Glory – Chords, lyrics and notes.

I’ve had several requests for the music to Hearts of Glory which was no longer available in the shops. I play the song with a capo on the second fret.

Hearts of glory – leadsheet

For the story behind the song I would advise you to read McCrae’s Battalion by Jack Alexander. It’s a superb story, meticulously researched and  finely balanced between the epic events and the characters and circumstances of the men who were involved – Make sure you have something to dry your eyes while reading it.  An annual pilgrimage to the memorial Cairn has become one of the highlights of my year. It’s a somber experience which can make any problems you think you have seem quite trivial. Anyone interested in seeing the cairn or learning more should have a look at this website which gives you contact details:

Hearts Great War Memorial

In response tor requests for an instrumental version of  Hearts of Glory Rhurfolk have kindly donated this: Hearts of Glory Maxi – instrumental

Its a free download but if you can paypal the price of a pint to it won’t go amiss.



Piper William Jones kindly set my song, ‘The Wallace’ for the pipes.


Lament for Wallace


Lament for Wallace

The Hearts Song: Hector Nichol

Before Ed Westerdale and I recorded ‘Hearts of Glory’ the initial idea was to do a folk version of Hector Nicol’s masterpiece The Hearts Song.  The object was to raise funds to save Tynecastle Park.  I’d always loved the song and as a Heart of Midlothian fan I quailed at the thought of treading on such sacred ground; but times were desperate and we went ahead.

I wouldn’t claim for a second that our version matches the immortal genius and vocal talent of Hector Nicol who seems to have conceived this masterpiece loosely from the traditional tune  Sweet Betsy from Pyke, but it it does demonstrate what a great wee folk song it actually is.  We made several attempts to mix the right balance. The one below was a completely straight effort with fiddle, guitar, double bass and -penny whistle.  As far as I know its unavailable anywhere else.

Hearts Song

So feel free to download the song and if you wish to donate something to the cause please click here. With paypal the funds go direct.

Hearts Great War Memorial