Communication Breakdown – the new album

Communication Breakdown CD Cover

All good things come to he who waits … or so they say.

The new CD is now ready and the record company have decided to release it first as a digital only release. It will be available from iTunes etc from Nov 18th. In fact, you can pre-order it already.

For those of you who prefer to hold the CD in your hand, details of the physical release will be available shortly.

This latest CD ‘Communication Breakdown’ draws on a variety of experiences. It includes songs about the Apocalypse, soldiers returning to England from the East, how to love a drug addict, New Orleans eccentrics and the simple vision of a beautiful woman.

The title track, ‘Communication Breakdown’, portrays a vision of the collapse of society, a soldier returns home from war to meet his lover for one last fling before the lights go out. The bouncy ‘Ghost of New Orleans’ was inspired by meeting the crazy people of Bourbon Street – twisted clowns, funereal Jazz bands, Burlesque strippers. In the eerie ‘Big Brother’ a grim stalker hunts a beautiful woman.

On the album I’m supported by the singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Northumberland. Andrew Cadie. Producer and arranger, Andrew is a graduate in Folk Music from Newcastle University. He is joined by multi instrumentalist Mark Bloomer and Jazz and Klezmer band bassist Richard Waltern, occasional guest of the award-winning band ‘Broom Bezzums’. With contributions from the pianist, arranger and composer, Matthias Keul, whose experience includes appearances with the German rock band ‘BAP’, the CD offers a plethora of veteran and original talent.

Listen to samples:
The Ghost of New Orleans by steeplejackmusic

Candlelit Waltz by steeplejackmusic