Heavy Metal to Punk – a map of Scottish Cosmic Rock from Dec 1977

’45 Revolutions (A definitive discography of UK punk, mod, powerpop, new wave, NWOBHM, and Indie singles 1976-1979, Volume I)’ Edited by Mario Panciera and published in 2008 tells us in one sentence that the Androids were ‘Surprisingly good.’ This remains the single official reference to three years of dedication to the lost cause of a relatively unknown band. So why a map? Well, there was only only one band doing cosmic rock in Scotland and they came from Portobello. So, a map of Scottish Cosmic Rock is essentially a guide to where they played.

Nicky Arkless, Ex-Drummer  of The Androids and subsequently the Heavy metal band, Holocaust, found his crumbling old diary in which he noted the Androids gig list as they happened – with a few stark comments about what was going on. The following will be as precarious a bit of history as tracing the route of Wallace’s army through England by Parish records but it is a definite map of the Androids route to oblivion  and gives an idea of where the bands in Scotland were playing in the colourful days of Punk Rock. I’ve left in some of Nicky’s comments. Maybe you were there?

Gig List


Sunday 4th Dec 1977 at Christchurch, Morningside. First gig

Saturday 17th Dec the play again at Old St Paul’s, Jeffrey st.


Sunday 16th April 1978. New Restalrig Church. (Twice)

Friday 23rd June. ‘youth club type thing near lady road’.

Saturday 24th June. church hall in Colinton road. Possibly first recorded gig.

5th August Inverkeithing Ex-Servicemen’s Club. We got no response until the band played.. Batman.

Friday 11th august. The Privateer, Galashiels.

Sunday 8th October. Newliston Arms, Kirkliston. First residency.

Sunday 15th October. Newliston Arms. Kirkliston

10-2 Saturday 21st October; recorded at Palladium studio,  Edinburgh.

Sunday 22nd October. Newliston arms, Kirkliston

Saturday 28th October ; recording at Palladium studio,  Edinburgh.

Sunday 29th October. Newliston arms, Kirkliston

Sunday 5th November. Newliston arms,: Kirkliston

Thursday 9th November,.Napier college SU (Merchiston)

Sunday 12th November. Newliston arms , Kirkliston

Wednesday 15th November. White Cockade, Rose Street, Edinburgh

Friday 17th November. Newliston arms,

Sunday 19th November. Newliston arms,

Busy, we got the senior citizens on the dance floor with that old evergreen ‘Anarchy in the UK‘.

Friday 24th November. Yellow Carvel, Edinburgh

Saturday 25th November: rehearsal and dicussion. Name change discussed (to AD). Article about band in Leith gazette.

Sunday 26th November. Newliston arms. Kirkliston

Sunday 3rd December. Newliston arms, Kirkliston

Tuesday 5th December. Napier Student Union, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Friday 8th December. Yellow Carvel, , Edinburgh

Saturday  9th December. Restalrig church hall, Edinburgh with a young support band ‘Feedback’.

Friday 15th December. Yellow Carvel, Edinburgh.

25 Saturday 16th December. Unknown pub in Glasgow

Sunday  23rd December. Newliston arms,¸Kirkliston ( Income from this gig: less than £1)
Friday 5th January. Harvey’s Lothian Road
Friday 12th January. Yellow Carvel
Friday 19th January. Harvey’s Lothian Road. It was crowded with Welsh people because of the Wales V Scotland rugby match… At the end, Craig sang ‘Flower of Scotland’ which considering the ratio of Welsh to Scots punters was rather tactless
Friday 26th January. Harvey’s Lothian Road

Saturday 19th January. Teviot Row Park Room, Edinburgh

Saturday 28th February 1981 Presidents Ball St Andrew’s University