Soest gig changed date

Soest. No gig this Friday. It’s in August!

Ungliech Duisburg cancelled

Sad to say the  Ungliech Duisburg gig is cancelled. The pub is closed. All the best to Martin Lia and the staff and all those who supported a great music venue.

Burns Suppers

It is the middle of the Burns season now so I may well be unintelligible for a few weeks, either through whisky consumption or by virtue of my use of bizarre Scottishisms  like ‘hud yer wheesht’ and ‘blaw yer tap-whistle. A clamjafrae o bashes cam yin efter tuther. Am kitted oot smart as a badger chaunting like a wee bird and the malarkie is as braw as as kilties hair spurran


Well. that’s work over for the year. Hope everyone has a great festive season,



Christmas Markets

Festive cheer by Martin Bauer and Craig Herbertson -Irische Weihnachts. Check out the local Stadmarketing for more details
04.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Witten 18.30
07.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Bottrop 12.00
07.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Beckum 16.30
11.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Soest
12.12.2014  WeihnachtsMarkt Leverkusen, 18.30
13.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarktKassel 14-00
14.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Oberhausen
18.12.2014 WeihnachtsMarkt Soest